Agriculture Theme of India

Fertilizers & Nutrients

Fertilizers market in India is estimated around 6 Trillon INR.

It is expected to reach 11 Trillon INR by 2025 with a CAGR growth of 11—12%.

India is second largest consumer of fertilizers in the World.

Agriculture Theme

Coromandel, NFL & Chambel are the leading players of fertilizer industry in India.

We have witnessed good growth in fertilizer usage yet India’s fertilizer consumption is lower than developed & emerging countries which are expected to pick up going forward.

Agriculture Theme

Urea is one of the highest consumed fertilizers in the country as a source of Nitrogen.

DAP is the 2nd most consumed fertilizer in the country as a source to increase Soil’s PH.

Nutrients are the other source which a plant need for better fertility.

Agriculture Theme

In nutrients plant majorly needs nitrogen, phosphorus & potassium along with calcium, magnesium, zinc & sulfur for better fertility & production.

With a shortage of organic Fertilizers, farmers are going to use more of inorganic fertilizers for crops.

Agriculture Theme

Chambel, NFL & RCF leads in Urea & DAP production & sales in India.

Coromandel leads in phosphorus & potassium products sale.

Chambel & Deepak Fertilizers leads in Zinc, Sulphur & Calcium products sale.

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