ASSOCIATED ALCOHOLS & BREWERIES LTD. Launched Handcrafted Premium Gin “NICOBAR”: The Spirit of Exploration

Associated Alcohols & Breweries Limited (“AABL), (BSE- 507526), (NSE- ASALCBR), a leading name in the alco beverage industry, proudly announces the launch of its HANDCRAFTED PREMIUM GIN “NICOBAR”. With its unique flavor, innovative blend, and botanicals, it will set sail to explore – the world, yourself, and beyond.

Nicobar is a masterfully crafted spirit that offers a robust yet delightfully floral profile. Infused with elderflower and hibiscus, it delivers a nuanced flavor experience complemented by the peppery bite of grains of paradise. Setting itself apart, Nicobar is the only Gin in the country that incorporates three distinct juniper varieties. The citrus notes from sweet orange peel and coriander seeds further enhance this gin’s complexity, creating a well-rounded flavor profile. Nicobar is a sophisticated spirit, perfect for savoring on its own. We have deliberately chosen to import specialized copper stills for Nicobar’s fine crafting and distillation. This careful selection underscores our commitment to producing a gin of exceptional quality tailored to meet the unique characteristics and flavors that defines Nicobar.

Explore the flavors that define the uncharted territories of taste. Nicobar is an adventure companion crafted with the spirit to explore the unexplored. It’s an ode to the brave explorers of the past and an invitation to embark on one’s own journey of discovery. With each sip, one set sail to explore – the world, yourself, and beyond. Crafted with native ingredients from the Islands, each sip is a voyage into the heart of the island’s legends.

“The launch of our “Nicobar”: The Spirit of Exploration represents more than just the introduction of a new segment; it marks a bold stride in our journey towards premiumisation. This strategic move directly responds to the escalating market demand for GIN, showcasing our approach to align with evolving consumer preferences. Venturing into this GIN category allows us to seize opportunities in the expanding market, presenting diverse and innovative spirits tailored to the discerning tastes of consumers.”

Mr. Tushar Bhandari, Whole Time Director

Nicobar’s journey begins with its exclusive availability in select outlets in Madhya Pradesh. This marks the commencement of a meticulously planned strategic rollout that will soon extend to Delhi’s vibrant markets and Kerala’s enchanting landscapes in the coming months. Currently, the gin is presented in a 750 ml SKU, available in Madhya Pradesh at an inviting price of Rs. 2,360, inviting enthusiasts to explore Nicobar’s exceptional spirit.

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