Bajaj Auto, India’s leading motorcycle manufacturer, is partnering with British premium motorcycle brand Triumph Motorcycles to develop and launch a range of mid-sized motorcycles. The first motorcycle from the partnership is expected to be launched in India in 5 July 2023.

Bajaj Auto to Launch Mid-Sized Motorcycles in Partnership with Triumph

The motorcycles under this partnership will be manufactured at Bajaj’s Chakan plant in Pune, India. Bajaj will be responsible for sales and distribution of the motorcycles in India, while Triumph will handle sales and distribution in international markets.

The motorcycles from this partnership are expected to be priced between INR 2.5 lakh and INR 3.5 lakh (~$3,300 and $4,400). They will be powered by 300cc to 500cc engines. The motorcycles are expected to be styled similarly to Triumph’s existing range of motorcycles, but will be more affordable.

Bajaj Auto is looking to tap into the growing demand for mid-sized motorcycles in India. The Indian motorcycle market is currently dominated by entry-level motorcycles, but there is a growing demand for more premium motorcycles. Bajaj Auto believes that the partnership with Triumph will help it to meet this demand.

Triumph Motorcycles is looking to expand its presence in India. The company currently sells a limited range of motorcycles in India, but it is looking to increase its market share in the country. The partnership with Bajaj Auto will help Triumph to achieve this goal.

The launch of the motorcycles from this partnership is a significant development for the Indian motorcycle market. It is the first time that a major Indian motorcycle manufacturer has partnered with a premium international brand to develop and launch motorcycles. The success of this partnership will depend on the quality and pricing of the motorcycles, but it has the potential to disrupt the Indian motorcycle market.


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