Bonus Shares

Company NameBonus RatioBonus Ex-DateRecord Date
Vaksons Auto3:515-1017-10
Iris Clothings5:214-1015-10
Maheshwari Logistics1:113-1014-10
Arvee Laboratories1:113-1014-10
Shangar Decor1:112-1013-10
Shubham Polyspi1:109-1012-10
S.M. Gold1:208-1009-10
Vivid Mercant26:10008-1009-10
Zodiac Energy1:108-1009-10
Khemani Distributors & Marketing3:2606-1007-10

What is Bonus Share?

Bonus Share is something that the company offers to its shareholder’s extra shares for free. Just the number of shares increases, your investment remain the same.

What is Bonus Share
What is Bonus Share

Note – You must buy the shares before the Ex-date & sell after the Record Date to eligible for the Bonus Shares, if you didn’t hold that companies shares.

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