DRI has restarted its investigation into the Adani Group over allegations of over-invoicing of imported coal

The DRI had initially filed a case against the Adani Group in 2019, alleging that the company had inflated the value of imported coal by around $4 billion over a period of five years.

This resulted in a loss of customs duty to the government. However, the Adani Group had challenged the DRI’s findings in court, and the case was put on hold.

Now, the DRI has restarted its investigation after receiving fresh evidence, according to Reuters media reports.

The agency has reportedly obtained documents that suggest the Adani Group may have used shell companies to over-invoice coal imports.

The DRI is also investigating whether the Adani Group used its influence to get favorable customs assessments.

The Adani Group has denied all wrongdoing, and the company has said that it is cooperating with the DRI’s investigation.

However, the allegations against the company have raised concerns about its business practices and its compliance with customs laws.

The outcome of the DRI’s investigation could have a significant impact on the Adani Group. If the company is found to have over-invoiced coal imports, it could face heavy penalties and damage to its reputation. The investigation could also lead to further scrutiny of the company’s business activities.


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