Drone Related Stocks In India

The drone industry is one of the rapidly growing industries in India, so this is a very good opportunity to invest in Drone Related Stocks In India.

What is a Drone?

Drone Related Stocks In India

The drone, which resembles a mini-plane, is a remote-controlled vehicle. It also appears under the name UAV or unmanned aerial vehicle. It has a small but sophisticated robot-like design and is also controlled by a remote control. The main purpose of this aerial vehicle is to help us simplify our lives. Drones have the ability to transport and deliver groceries to our doorsteps and deliver packages to our homes.

In addition, it can also be maneuverable to perform extremely risky tasks, such as scanning an active volcano or any approaching danger zone and is widely used for military or defense purposes.

future of drone industry in india

The Indian government is now looking at drones outside the defense sector.

Now the Indian government has allowed the use of drones in agriculture, healthcare, and some other sectors.

They said that after the new drone policy was released in July 2021, the drone coverage increased from 300kg to 500kg.

Now there is a chance that the Indian government will allow the use of drones in the supply chain system for e-commerce companies.

The core warehouse drones are Zomato Ltd, Info Edge (India) Ltd, Paras Defense and Space Technologies Ltd, Hindustan aeronautics Ltd, Solar Industries India Ltd, Zen Technologies Ltd, BEL, DCM Shriram, and RattanIndia Enterprises.

An overview of some of India’s leading drone companies:

1. Zomato Ltd.

The founder of one of India’s largest delivery companies – Zomato, took the opportunity to unveil drone delivery, a radical new concept that promises faster delivery.

Drone Delivery Related Stocks In India

Goyal said that sometime in the future, with the help of drone startup TechEagle, he will build something that will definitely play a significant role in the future of primary and secondary logistics in the food supply chain.

2. Info Edge (India) Ltd.

Info Edge (India) has invested in Bengaluru-based Skylark Drones.

In July 2021, Skylark Drones raised USD 3 million (about Rs 220 crore) in its pre-Series A funding round led by Info Edge Ventures and Indian Angel Network (IAN).

Swiggy partnered with Skylark to test their drone system.

Founded in 2014, Skylark Drones provides workplace intelligence that enables accurate business decisions using drone data.

The company has offices in the US and India and claims to help 100 enterprise clients who have processed more than 1 million images and 20,000 autonomous flights through its platform.

3. DCM Shriram Industries Ltd.

In August 2021, DCM Shriram Industries announced an agreement with Zyrone Dynamics, a Turkish UAV and drone manufacturer.

As part of this deal, she bought a 30% stake in DCM Shriram Industries for US$1 million, giving her a total worth of US$3.5 million.

DCM has been trying to invest in Zyrone for a long time, but due to the pandemic conditions, the negotiation period has been extended to 18 months.

Under the partnership, Zyrone will provide technology support to DCM Shriram Industries and both parties will support each other in marketing the products in India and globally.

Zyrone Dynamics specializes in small rotary-wing drones. Zyrone Dynamics is promoting small drones it calls “variable volume” UAVs.

4. Zen Technologies Ltd.

Zen Technologies is a leading provider of defense training solutions based in Hyderabad with offices in India and the USA.

The company designs develop and manufactures state-of-the-art combat training solutions for the training of defense and security forces worldwide.

The company manufactures ground military training simulators, driving simulators, firing devices, and anti-drone systems.

Zen Technologies’ Heavy Lift Logistics Drones (HLLD) offer advanced capabilities that fulfill the role of providing reliable logistics support in challenging environments and even combat situations.

Its share price rose significantly after the government announced the new rules.

This comes after the company informed the stock exchanges that its order book has seen a significant increase to Rs 4 billion as on September 1, 2021, from an order book of Rs 1.9 billion as on June 30, 2021.

5. RattanIndia Enterprises

In August 2021, RattanIndia Enterprises made a strategic investment in America’s Matternet, the world’s largest urban drone logistics platform.

The company also announced the creation of an Indian subsidiary, NeoSky, to kick-start its drone business in India.

The company has invested an initial amount of Rs 1 billion in this. NeoSky has decided to buid micro drones and sell them in India.

The company’s stock has been on the rise since the news broke. After languishing at near-flat levels for about three years, RattanIndia shares have been soaring and soaring.

6. Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd.

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) was founded on 23 December 1940 in Bangalore by Shri Walchand Hirachand. The company is engaged in the production of aircraft and helicopters and the repair and maintenance of aircraft and helicopters.

Recently, the company announced that it will soon launch India’s first unmanned combat aircraft (UCAV). It has an operating range of 1000 km with a load capacity of 350 kg.

Drone Related Stocks In India:

SL No.Company NameCurrent Market PriceMarket Cap
1Zomato Ltd.₹ 56.2₹ 48,061 Cr.
2Info Edge (India) Ltd₹ 3,719₹ 48,043 Cr.
3Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd₹ 2,512₹ 83,988 Cr.
4RattanIndia Enterprises Ltd₹ 42.6₹ 5,882 Cr.
5DCM Shriram Ltd₹ 876₹ 13,662 Cr.
6Solar Industries India Ltd₹ 4,406₹ 39,874 Cr.
7Zen Technologies Ltd₹ 199₹ 1,585 Cr.

Above current market price is based on 05/01/2023.

drone related startups in india

1. ideaForge

ideaForge is a drone company that provides drones for surveillance purposes. The company claims its product as Netra V Series. It is the professional version of the Netra series. The Netra V series has a minimal weight of about 3kgs and has a longer standby time.

Drones from ideaForge are used by police departments for surveillance and security purposes.

2. TartanSense

TartanSense was founded in 2015. It manufactures drones for agricultural purposes. This drone has a powerful camera that captures images of plants, which can then be scanned using computer vision technology to identify weeds.

The drone can spray chemicals on weeds previously detected. So it is a very useful tool for farmers who grow crops on a large scale.

3. General aeronautics

General Aeronautics is a company that makes drones for surveillance and delivery purposes. The company specializes in the production of drones that can perform vertical take-off and landing.


Basically, if you think that you invest in any Drone Related Stocks In India today & you get a 40-50% return in 1-2 months then you are wrong. If you really want a satisfactory return then you must hold them for the long term.


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