Escorts Kubota to purchase land in Ghiloth, Rajasthan for ₹400 crore to set up a Greenfield manufacturing unit

Escorts Kubota Limited, a leading agri-machinery manufacturer in India, today announced that it will purchase land in Ghiloth, Rajasthan for ₹400 crore to set up a greenfield manufacturing unit. The proposed unit will have a capacity of 150,000 tractors per annum and is expected to be operational by 2026.

This investment is part of Escorts Kubota’s ongoing expansion plans to double its tractor production capacity. The company is also investing in new product development and expanding its dealer network to reach more farmers across India.

“We are excited to announce our plans to set up a new manufacturing unit in Rajasthan,” said Mr. Bharat Madan, full-time director and CFO, of Escorts Kubota Limited. “This investment will help us meet the growing demand for our products and expand our presence in the Indian market.”

The proposed unit will be located in Ghiloth, Rajasthan, which is a strategic location for Escorts Kubota. The state has a strong agricultural base and a supportive government that is promoting investment in the manufacturing sector.

“We are confident that this investment will be a major step forward for Escorts Kubota and will help us achieve our long-term growth goals,” said Mr. Madan.

About Escorts Kubota Limited

Escorts Kubota Limited is a leading agri-machinery manufacturer in India. The company manufactures a wide range of tractors, implements, and engines. Escorts Kubota has a strong presence in the Indian market and is also expanding its international presence. The company is committed to providing innovative and high-quality products to farmers around the world.


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