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For the first time, India makes payment in rupee for the purchase of crude oil from UAE

by Koushik Gope
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India’s first-ever rupee payment for UAE crude oil marked a significant step towards increasing the global usage of its currency.

This move aims to achieve several goals:

  • Reduce dependence on the US dollar: By settling trade in rupees, India can cut transaction costs and lessen its reliance on the dollar, which can fluctuate and impact import costs.
  • Promote the internationalization of the rupee: Increasing the use of rupees for international trade makes the currency more stable and attractive to foreign investors, potentially boosting India’s economic standing.
  • Diversify oil suppliers: This deal with the UAE is part of India’s broader strategy to diversify its oil imports, reducing dependence on traditional suppliers like Saudi Arabia and looking for cost-effective alternatives.

While the initial payment involved only a million barrels of crude, it paves the way for bigger deals in the future. India has further agreements with the UAE for rupee settlements, and negotiations are ongoing with other oil-producing nations like Russia.

However, there are also challenges associated with this shift:

  • Liquidity concerns: For rupee payments to become truly viable, sufficient rupee liquidity needs to exist in the international market, which may take time to develop.
  • Trade imbalances: If rupee-denominated oil settlements become widespread, it could create trade imbalances, as India may not have enough exports to balance its large oil imports paid in rupees.

Overall, India’s first rupee payment for UAE crude is a positive development for its economy and its currency’s global standing. However, it’s still early days, and the long-term success of this strategy will depend on overcoming the existing challenges and building a robust ecosystem for rupee-denominated international trade.

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