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Genesys International Corporation Secures Prestigious Project to Digitally Twin Holy Shrine Mecca

by Koushik Gope
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In a ground breaking development, Genesys International Corporation’s subsidiary in Saudi Arabia, Genesys Middle East Ltd., has been awarded the prestigious contract for the 3D Digital Twin mapping of the Holy City of Mecca by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

This pioneering project, valued at Rs. 26 crores in this phase marks a historic venture into utilizing digital twin mapping technology for urban planning, modelling, and monitoring.

The contract stipulates the completion of the project within six months from the Letter of Award (LoA).

This is a large validation of Genesys’ proprietary platform, Oyster 3D Maps, for this highprecision mapping endeavour. The scope includes crucial aspects such as crowd management, disaster management and planning for one of the most visited spots in the world.

“We are excited to deepen our roots in Saudi Arabia, a nation spearheading transformative projects. The digital twin of the Holy Shrine of Mecca is a great responsibility, and our team’s expertise and dedication aim to make it a great testament to our technology platform. We look forward to contributing significantly to Saudi Arabia’s growing infrastructure landscape and continuing to provide exceptional value to the government and our clients.”

Mr. Sajid Malik, CMD of Genesys International

Genesys has solidified its position as pioneers and leaders in 3D mapping in Saudi Arabia, a country experiencing exponential growth in infrastructure to host the World Expo 2030. The recent win further underscores Saudi Arabia’s commitment to expanding its infrastructure. GeoSpatial solutions based on 3D data are recognized as the bedrock of infrastructure and city planning.

In addition to the Mecca project, Genesys has successfully completed the 3D Indoor Mapping of 27 airports for the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA). The company is actively engaged in ongoing projects with GeoSa, the national mapping authority of Saudi Arabia, and NEOM.

Simultaneously, in India, Genesys has launched the new India Map stack, targeting advanced platforms in consumer, logistics, automotive, and infrastructure areas. The company’s continued expansion and involvement in transformative projects solidify its position as a global leader in cutting-edge geospatial solutions. The company recently partnered with the Survey of India, Government of India.

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