Genesys International mandated to use digital twin technology for Dharavi redevelopment

Genesys International, a homegrown leader in mapping technology, has secured a transformative order to deploy its state-of-the-art Digital Twin mapping technology for the redevelopment of Dharavi, recognized as Asia’s most densely populated urban settlement. The order is valued at 22 crores (excluding GST), and has been awarded by Porter House, a testament to Genesys’ reputation as a leading force in mapping innovation. The project is anticipated to be completed within a timeframe of 9 months, promising a revolutionary transformation of Dharavi’s landscape and urban planning.

This initiative aligns seamlessly with Mumbai city’s long-standing goal of revitalizing key areas and underscores Genesys’ unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of mapping technology. The Oyster 3D Maps platform, renowned for its precision and innovation, will play a pivotal role in this ambitious project.

Mapping the unmapped is a big step towards urban inclusion.

Genesys has also launched the new India Map stack, targeting advanced platforms in consumer, logistics, automotive, and infrastructure areas. The company’s continued expansion and involvement in transformative projects solidify its position as a global leader in cutting-edge geospatial solutions.

Highlighting the significance of mapping the previously unmapped, Mr. Sajid Malik, Chairman and Managing Director of Genesys International, emphasized the far-reaching impact on citizens’ rights, marking a significant stride toward social and financial inclusion. He commented, “This project exemplifies Genesys’ unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries in the mapping space. Our dedicated team has been instrumental in this marquee mapping project, capturing the attention of the entire geospatial community for its unparalleled complexity.”

In addition to this, the company recently bagged the digital twin mandate for the holy shrine of Mecca by the Saudi government.

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