GST Revenue collection in India for November 2023 data

The gross GST revenue collected in November 2023 was ₹1,67,929 crore, out of which ₹30,420 crore was CGST, ₹38,226 crore was SGST, and ₹87,009 crore was IGST. This represents a 15% increase from November 2022.

Here is a breakdown of the GST revenue for November 2023:

  • CGST: ₹30,420 crore
  • SGST: ₹38,226 crore
  • IGST: ₹87,009 crore

The increase in GST revenue is attributed to a number of factors, including:

  • Improved economic activity: The Indian economy is showing signs of recovery, which is leading to increased consumption and business activity. This is resulting in higher GST collections.
  • Increased tax compliance: The government has been taking steps to improve tax compliance, which is also contributing to higher GST collections.
  • Higher imports: Imports have been increasing in recent months, which is also leading to higher IGST collections.

The high GST collections in November 2023 are a positive sign for the Indian economy. They suggest that the economy is recovering and that businesses are confident about the future. This is likely to boost investment and economic growth in the coming months.

Here is a table showing the GST revenue for the last five months:

MonthGST Revenue (Cr)Year-on-Year Growth (%)
November 2023₹1,67,92915%
October 2023₹1,72,00313%
September 2023₹1,48,02326%
August 2023₹1,48,92727%
July 2023₹1,43,61224%

As you can see, GST collections have been growing steadily in recent months. This is a positive sign for the Indian economy.

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