How To Be A Super Investor

People think that the super investor must have done mastery in finance to achieve their success but there are many super investors who have not even completed their graduation.

Every investor in the world wants to know the secret success of super investors like Warren Buffet, Charlie monger and emulate them. Identifying one pro-investor and following his strategy does yield results but not for long.  You should not follow them blindly. You need to do your own research and analysis too.

Ways To Be A Super Investor

They all do have a secret to their success that differentiates them from the rest. Let’s learn them and develop our investing journey:


Super investors develop a strategy after huge research and analysis. All possible events and situations are taken into consideration and a strategy is developed. This strategy is supposed to overcome all situations with minimum loss.

Making mistakes is the most important part of an investor. Mistakes do not kill us, but they make us stronger if we learn from them and avoid them in the future.

The key to finding a strategy is keeping in mind the amount of risk you can tolerate as well as your knowledge and experience about the stock market. Just do your homework properly.

You patiently stick to your strategy even after the market seems volatile. They are confident and comfortable with their strategy whatever the market situation is.


Super investors buy all kinds of under stocks available. Always try to find undervalued stocks in any depressed markets like now. They keep hunting for undervalued stocks. Think differently from the ordinary to gain remarkable returns.

Super investors have the ability to buy stocks while others are panicking and sell stocks while others are euphoric. Be an intelligent contrarian investor.


Super investors understand the patience required for achieving returns. They just remain confident in their strategy and wait for the prices to increase gradually & understand that there will be some peaks and lows along the journey.

They never consider daily market movements always have a long term mindset.

To make money like super investors you need to have an enormous amount of patience, stocks don’t go up immediately. Patience is required in buying as well as selling.


A person can make a decision on a particular comfortable if he/she is having some knowledge of that company. Also, they know the proper time to buy and sell a stock about it.

They invest in the companies they understand. Even in real life how can we make decisions on what we don’t know but fools act differently in the stock market.

Warren buffet never invested in multi-bagger stock ALPHABET cause he wasn’t familiar with those techies. To be a pro-investor, learn to make decisions on the basis of your own knowledge, don’t follow the trend.

We’ll go through some more qualities of pro investors as we sum up.

In conclusion, a pro-investor will invest in a company only if he/she is pleased with the vision, actions, and potential of the governance of that particular company.

Also never let your emotions affect your judgment in the stock market, it might turn against you. Play with your mind not with your hurt if you want to survive in the market.

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