How To Survive In Stock Market Crash

Review the business of companies you are holding.

Check whether your company will survive after a few weeks of lockdown/slowdown in the country.

Check post impact on the sector your company is into.

Check the domestic/International exposure of your company.

Companies mostly into Domestic business will make a fast Comeback than companies having international exposure.

Companies with good cash on books will revive faster than companies with debt.

Which Sector is Reviving First?

1st Sectors like FMCG, Chemicals & Pharma will Survive & Thrive with the fastest pace after the current slowdown.

2nd Consumer Discretionary will Revive & Thrive.

3rd Service sectors like Airlines, Travel & Hotels will revive & thrive as per their business model.

Last we need to check business model of each company we are holding.

Sell companies which would struggle to survive or revive after this slowdown.

Buy/Average down companies that would survive/revive/thrive after this slowdown.

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