Mukta Arts subsidiary luxurious cinema at Chandkheda, Ahmedabad

Mukta A2 Cinemas Limited, a Subsidiary Company opens luxurious cinema at Chandkheda, Ahmedabad with the launch of 6 screens.

The strategic expansion underscores Mukta A2 Cinemas’ commitment to delivering unparalleled cinematic experiences to the audience. The new screens, along with the latest advancements in audio-visual technology and comfortable seating, promise to redefine the movie-watching experience for Amdavadis. Mukta A2 Cinemas will offer a diverse selection of firms across genres and cater to the preferences of the dynamic movie-going audiences in Ahmedabad.

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The new screens are set to showcase not only the latest Bollywood and Hollywood blockbusters but also serve as a platform for regional films.

Mukta A2 Cinemas is committed to delivering a memorable cinematic experience with a complete package that includes the best movies, comfortable seating, top-notch amenities, and a diverse array of food and beverage options.

MuktaA2 Cinemas has now expanded its presence to 25 locations with a screen count of 70.

This brings Mukta Arts Limited in control of 100 screens, i.e. 70 screens through Mukta A2 Cinemas Limited, subsidiary company, 16 screens through Mukta A2 Multiplex WLL, subsidiary at Bahrain and 14 Screens through Joint Ventures with Asian Cinemas, Hyderabad.

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