Multibagger FMCG stock turns Rs. 10,000 into Rs. 4lakh 50 thousand in a year

Ambar Protein Industries Ltd. a microcap stock makes new millionaires in India.

The company’s leading brand Ankur which deals with high-quality edible oil is helping to achieve this significant milestone.

Ankur’s products are Ankur Refined Cottonseed Oil, Ankur Refined Sunflower Oil, Ankur Refined Soybean Oil, and Ankur Refined Corn Oil.

Ambar Protein Industries Ltd. was established in Ahmedabad in 1992.

Ambar Protein Industries Stock Price

Multibagger FMCG stock turns Rs. 10,000 into Rs. 4lakh 50 thousand in a year

The stock was at Rs. 12.50 one year ago & today’s closing is Rs. 572.05.

So you can see in this journey many of like you who invested in this stock 1 year ago just Rs. 10,000 now have more than 4lakhs in their portfolio.

The Edible Oil Trend

As you are all familiar with Adani Wilmar & Patanjali Foods return in this segment but not familiar with Ambar Protein name. Like that many other companies in this segment that you don’t know about them.

I post an article on Edible Oil-related companies in India when Edible Oil demand & price going surged. If you read & research about them that time then you also be one of these Lakhpatis.

If you want to know more about the company you can visit its official website


As you see this stock gives a huge return in a year so in my personal view stay away from fresh investment. Because we don’t know when it will start hitting lower circuits & you will be trapped.

And stay in touch with us so you can know more stocks like Ambar Protein Industries Ltd.

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