Prevest Denpro Limited launches Oradox

Prevest Denpro Limited, a leading name in dental care solutions, proudly launched its revolutionary oral care product segment, Oradox, at the World Dental Show on 19th Nov 2023. A large number of dental professionals, experts and enthusiasts from around the world witnessed the launching of Oradox products.

Oradox represents a cutting-edge advancement in oral health, embodying Prevest Denpro Limited’s commitment to delivering innovative and effective solutions for dental care.

The Oradox brand introduced a range of revolutionary products designed to elevate the standard of oral care. Oradox brought together science and innovation to address the diverse needs of the dental professionals & consumers in the realm of dental health.

Oradox stood out with its emphasis on research-backed formulations, quality ingredients, and a commitment to delivering predictable results. The product line addressed various aspects of oral health, including cavity protection, gum care, enamel strength, and breath freshness.

On the ocassion, Mr. Atul Modi Chairman & Managing Director said “Prevest Denpro Limited has always been committed to pioneering advancements in dental care, and the launch of Oradox is a testament to our dedication to oral health excellence. Oradox is not just a product line; it’s a promise of comprehensive oral care that meets the evolving needs of professionals & consumers worldwide.”

Prevest Denpro Limited invited dental practitioners, retailers, and consumers to explore the Oradox brand and discover a new era of oral care excellence. The launch at the World Dental Show signified the company’s dedication to staying at the forefront of dental innovation and providing solutions that made a positive impact on oral health worldwide.

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