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PTC Industries and Nasmyth (UK) sign MoU

by Koushik Gope
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PTC Industries and Nasmyth (UK) are pleased to announce that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for collaboration to leverage their capabilities for offering solutions to defence and aerospace customers in India and globally.

The MOU will see Nasmyth and PTC work together in support of the ‘Make in India’ Atmanirbhar Bharat programme. This cooperation will help PTC expand its capabilities to better support Indian customer requirements and successfully execute those projects. The partnership will focus on developing casting, machining, assembly, and thermal precision engineering capabilities in India.

The collaboration will help to increase capacity in the market, signal a move towards vertically integrated supply chain solutions in India and in turn provide global solutions to OEMs looking for suppliers to de-risk their current supply chains while providing capacity growth opportunities.

PTC has a state-of-the-art manufacturing campus in Lucknow and is one of the world’s leading suppliers of high-precision metal components for critical and super-critical operations across the aerospace and defence industries. PTC is currently participating in various programmes requiring components, sub-assemblies and assemblies for various defence Land, Sea and Air platforms and is also working on a number of major projects for the Indian Government and for a growing number of global OEMs.

Nasmyth Asia’s new manufacturing facility in Bangalore, offers turnkey manufacturing and engineering solutions that exceed the highest industry standards offering bespoke machining services including assembly and system integration.

Nasmyth’s capabilities include:

  • Design and reverse engineering, supported by CAD/CAM.
  • The latest analytical techniques, testing facilities and technologies.
  • Precision machining and shaping of high-performance metals and materials.
  • Construction, testing and certification of both simple and complex structures using the most advanced welding and assembly techniques.
  • System engineering, assembly and total product or component solutions
  • Chemical and thermal treatments and repair.
  • Global supply chain management and logistical solutions
  • Best-in-class after-sales support

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