This Rs. 150 multibagger stock which gives a 6x return in 1 year declares a 1:1 bonus issue

This multibagger stock declares a 1:1 bonus issue for the first time.

99% of you are not familiar with this stock.

It was listed on the market in 2017 & from there it gives more than 10x return to its shareholders in just 5 years. And 6x return in just 1 year.

So don’t waste your valuable time let’s jump to the topic.

The stock name is IFL Enterprises Ltd.

Let’s know something about the company.

IFL Enterprises Company is involved in the business of trading in goods e.g. fabric and related products as well as shares and securities within permissible limits prescribed by the regulators such as RBI or SEBI.

Let’s see Q1 FY22 numbers of this company

Financial Results (Q1 FY2023) – QoQ Comparison

FinancialsQ1 FY2023Q4 FY2022% Change
Total Income₹ 1.82 crs₹1.93 crsUp Tick / Down Tick-5.70%
Net Profit₹0.10 crs₹1.40 crsUp Tick / Down Tick-93%
EPS₹0.33₹4.66Up Tick / Down Tick-93%

Financial Results (Q1 FY2023) – YoY Comparison

FinancialsQ1 FY2023Q1 FY2022% Change
Total Income₹ 1.82 crs₹0.00 crsUp Tick / Down Tick18200%
Net Profit₹0.10 crs₹0.12 crsUp Tick / Down Tick-16.6%
EPS₹0.33₹0.40Up Tick / Down Tick-17.50%

As you can see numbers are bad.

But now check the return of the stock.

1-month return 30%, 1 year return 513% & from listing (2017) it gives 668% return as you can see.

IFL Enterprises Ltd. never gives any dividend to its shareholders.

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In conclusion, I’m going to share my personal view on this. No recommendation & nothing just for learning purposes.

IFL Enterprises Ltd. is no doubt a multibagger based on the return history but other parameters are very bad like sales are not going over the years, net profit also in same situation & promoters has only 1.21% shareholding.

So based on the return history don’t go for any type of investment. If you are a speculator then you can, no one can stop you.

Let us know your opinion in the comment section.

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