Rs. 186 Stock Giving Rs. 20 Dividend

More than 10% dividend in India? R u comedy me?

No bro it’s not a joke or fake news.

In this article, we are going to know about that stock who going to give more than 10% dividend to their shareholders.

An Auto Ancillaries company Banco Products (India) Ltd recently release its Q1 FY23 numbers on 10th Aug 2022 & also announced a surprising Rs. 20 dividends which is more than 10% of the share price. As of 12/08/22 stock of Banco Products closed ar Rs. 186.

Don’t worry I will share the PDF as of proof at the end of this article.

Let’s know something about the company.

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Let’s see Q1 FY22 Numbers of this company

Financial Results (Q1 FY2023) – QoQ Comparison

FinancialsQ1 FY2023Q4 FY2022% Change
Total Income₹ 586 crs₹507 crsUp Tick / Down Tick15.60%
Net Profit₹35 crs₹40 crsUp Tick / Down Tick-12.50%
EPS₹4.84₹5.62Up Tick / Down Tick-14%

Financial Results (Q1 FY2023) – YoY Comparison

FinancialsQ1 FY2023Q1 FY2022% Change
Total Income₹ 586 crs₹501 crsUp Tick / Down Tick17%
Net Profit₹35 crs₹46 crsUp Tick / Down Tick24%
EPS₹4.84₹6.42Up Tick / Down Tick24.62%

As you can see numbers are not so impressive.

Now let’s see the stock return history

Return are little bit of ok.

Now let’s see Dividend History

As you can see dividend history is superb.

Can we see any dividend rally in the stock price?

There are lots of questions in everyone’s mind, now let’s see what will happen.

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And those didn’t believe in this news.

Here is the proof for you –