Stock Splits

Company NameOld FVNew FVSplit Date
Evexia Lifecare5226-07
Inventure Growth and Securities10124-06
G G Engineering10221-06
Emerald Leisure10524-05
Greencrest Financial Services11020-05
Josts Engineers10520-05
Mayukh Dealtrad10511-05
Alkyl Amines5211-05
Vaibhav Global10507-05
Sharda Motor10216-04
Finolex Industries10215-04
Stylam Industries10512-04
Pritika Auto10209-04
Inland Printers21009-04
East West Holdings10230-03
Dixon Technologies10218-03
Trio Mercantile10209-03
Marine Electric10218-02
Orient Tradelink21017-02
Bannari Amman Spinning Mills10512-02
SVP Global10114-01

What is Stock Split?

Stock Split is basically the division of share. Companies are like to split their share into many parts for volume boost. Because more shares available in the market the price will be cheap & more people able to trade.

Now lets understand How Stock Split works

If any company declares a 1:1 stock split, you have 10 shares of that company, so after the stock split, you have 20 shares in your account.

What is Stock Split

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