Sunday Ki Pathashala | EP – 2

✍️ Let’s Think about it🤔

💸RELIANCE INDUSTRIES LTD made a profit of 👉Rs.1.53 Cr in the ✍️ Year 1973.

In the Quarter of Jan-Mar 2023, it made 😲PAT of Rs.19,299 cr.
This translates into an hourly profit of Rs. 9 Cr every hour. 👀

This is what can happen in once lifetime

1️⃣ During the last 50 years, the company’s leadership/ credentials/ business plans/ strategy/ business model/ financial abilities, etc, got questioned and got tested.

🥈The founder of the company had a paralytic attack/ died/ brothers took over / brothers split.
V. P. Singh ran a campaign along with Indian Express Group and got elected as PM.

✍️The company started as a 👉 yarn/textile company and got morphed into 📊 refinery/ retail/ telecom giant/ renewable energy, and so on and so forth.

👍But what mattered most was the people running the business had an entrepreneur streak and the company was in India.

✌️The Story of Reliance, in a way, is the story of India.

This also is the reflection on Equity ownership.
Just focus on profitability and growth.

👉All other things are distractions.
The stock delivered amazing returns, absolutely in line with growth in the profit of the company, and has been a huge wealth creator.

💪During the last 50 years, the stock (post-listing) has seen years of negative returns and years of no returns!!!

💹This is not a recommendation to own Reliance but an ANALOGY OF EQUITY MARKETS.


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